Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau

Shop like you mean it.

Boise is the biggest metropolitan area between Portland and Salt Lake City, making it the shopping destination for over 600,000 people. More importantly for visitors, this attracts upscale and anchor retail stores, as well as a host of one-of-a-kind local businesses. Whatever your taste (or budget), Boise has something that fits…

Downtown Boise features several shopping districts, each with its own feel. Check out the posh outlets in BoDo, the modern vibe of The Linen District and the classic storefronts in Old Boise. Walk a few blocks more and visit Hyde Park, the quaint, lively center of the North End neighborhood.

Idaho’s largest mall and shopping area are only a few minutes' drive from Boise’s downtown. The Boise Towne Square Mall spans the retail spectrum from Sephora to Sears, while the surrounding area boosts a Target, REI, Barnes & Noble, Cabela’s and many others.

Several main Boise drives—like Vista, Overland and Fairview Avenues—feature shopping stops throughout their length. And the Boise Factory Outlets at the edge of the city offer a range of retail options with bargain prices.

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