Who is Eligible?

Non-managerial employees (with exception of Manager of the Year and Spirit of Hospitality nominations) in the hotel, restaurant, bar, retail, transportation, attractions, event/meeting planning, tourism or hospitality-related fields, including the public sector are eligible to be nominated for a ROSE Award. There will be a Manager of the Year and an overall Spirit of Hospitality Award that managers or owners may be eligible for. Employees should have direct contact with, or provide support to, visitors and customers, and distinguish themselves by promoting Boise and surrounding areas through exemplary service and customer satisfaction.

Eligible Job Titles (Examples)

Server, Fine Dining Restaurant (Dining/Caterer category)
Candidates from full-service restaurant staff. 

Server, Casual Dining (Dining/Caterer category)
Candidates from full-service food restaurants staff. 

Server, Banquet/Catering (Applicable to several categories)
Candidates serving banquet meal functions in hotels, free-standing restaurants, or off-premise catering.

Food Production Personnel (Applicable to several categories)
Candidates from restaurants, hotels that directly cook, maintain food safety standards and support kitchen food production personnel (line cooks, pastry cooks, pantry workers, servers), or food attendants who service compliment food/beverage operations (breakfast hosts, etc).

Food and Beverage Support (Applicable to several categories)
Food service personnel including dishwashers, bus persons, bar porters and banquet set-up who assist wait staff in hotels or restaurants.

Bartender (Bar/Tasting Rooms category)
Candidates from hotels, restaurants or off-premise catering.

Host/Hostess (Dining/Restaurant category)
Greeters from restaurants.

Tour Guides & Hosts (Attraction category)
Candidates from attractions who offer tours, informational talks to visitors.

Travel Agent/Airline/Car Rental Agent (Transportation category)
Candidates working within a travel agent, car rental company or airline/airport representative.

Valet or Bell/Door Person (Applicable to several categories)
Candidates in door positions, valet or bell person at a restaurant or hotel.

Room Attendant/Housekeeper (Behind the Scenes category)
Candidates who clean guest rooms in hotels.

Reservationist (Applicable to several categories)
Candidates from direct contact positions within a hotel or restaurant; i.e., front desk and reservations personnel.

Back of the House Personnel (Behind the scenes category)
Candidates from hotels or free-standing restaurants who directly support front-line customer contact personnel. Positions include administrative personnel, hotel operators, maintenance, janitors, and laundry personnel.

Beer and Wine Tasting Rooms (Bar/Tasting Rooms category)
Candidates working in or around any area tasting room providing customer service to guests and visitors.

Security Personnel (Applicable to several categories)
Candidates from security positions, including emergency medical technicians, within a hotel or attraction who directly interface with guests.

Guest Services/Concierge (Applicable to several categories)
Candidates in concierge and concierge-related positions in a hotel, airport or attraction.

Visitor Information Service Personnel (Applicable to several categories)
Candidates from guest contact positions at hotels, attractions, parks, recreation facilities or guest relations and information desks.

Retail Sales Associate (Retail category)
Candidates from retail stores directly serving customers.

Cashier (Applicable to several categories)
Candidates from restaurants, hotels, attractions, retail and transportation authorities, includes hotel cashiers, food and beverage cashiers, parking cashiers & valet cashiers.

Transportation (Transportation category)
Candidates from any transportation industry in the Boise area including, but not limited to, airlines, buses, taxis, Uber, Lyft, limousines and shuttle services. As well as, rental car companies personnel.

Volunteers (Volunteer category)
Candidates involved in volunteering for any event, attraction or experience in the Boise area.

Manager of the Year and Overall Spirit of Hospitality fall under any of the above positions/categories.

Criteria for Awards

Nominations may be submitted by management personnel or a member of the general public. The person nominated must be employed in a non-managerial position and hold no ownership in the organization. No past winners are eligible; however, past nominees are eligible.

The Manager of the Year and overall Spirit of Hospitality Award may be awarded to a manager or owner in a hospitality position.

The Nomination Testimonial has four questions that cover various topics from the nominee's attitude to their commitment to excellent customer service. The candidate must project a positive image of their company and of the Boise area as a destination. 

Nominations are currently closed for 2022, but will open up for 2023 on April 18th.