All Four Seasons

Boise has all four seasons and is warm and dry with low humidity in summer and fall.

Major industries include agriculture, food processing, healthcare, high tech, tourism and government.
More Facts

State flower - The Syringa
State bird - The Mountain Bluebird
State tree - The Western White Pine
State animal - The Appaloosa Horse
State fish - The Cutthroat Trout

State insect - The Monarch Butterfly
State vegetable - The Potato
State fruit - The Wild Huckleberry
State gemstone - The Star Garnet
State fossil - The Hagerman Horse

Who was the first Idaho potato grower? In 1836, Henry Harmon Spalding, a Presbyterian missionary, taught the Nez Perce tribe how to 
cultivate potatoes.
What special potato does Idaho produce? Russet Burbank