Annual FAM

July 25-28, 2021

Join us for a few days this July to experience the highlights of what Boise has to offer your meeting and attendees. You and a small group of fellow event planners will experience cosmopolitan accommodations, outdoor adventure, dining, nightlife, unique venues and much more! Sunshine and blue skies included!

Spots are very limited, so complete the short qualification survey to enter to win your spot here.


Treefort Music Festival FAM

September 22-26, 2021

Come discover the Boise you haven't heard about and experience one of our unique local events.  Treefort is more than a music festival- it's an event born from the local community, strengthening Boise's music and arts culture.  Since its inception in 2012, it has grown to include forts for all fans: music, food, ales, comedy, yoga, film, and more!  This exclusive experience also includes tours of the Boise Centre, the downtown convention hotels, and tastes of our local food, beer, and wine.


*attendance will be confirmed after review of meeting qualifications
**Due to limited space we are only able to accommodate business clients.  Thank you for your consideration.